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Status analysis

After the status analysis, you will know how your company will be affected. The obligations which result from the analysis enable you to forecast any risks or potentials facing your company. The status analysis also helps you taking inventory in order to determine your company‘s current level of implementation of REACH regulations. The objective here is to guarantee the availability of all the parts and materials you need for production.

REACH Process Workshop

During the process workshop, operative and process-based measures are discussed and defined with all the affected areas, and then given the necessary resources.

REACH Communication

According to Article 33 of the REACH Regulation, it is necessary to inform the customer about any SVHC contents greater than 0.1% in the company’s own products. tec4U researches the relevant information at the supplier, collates it into a product statement and communicates this data to the customer. For this purpose, tec4U uses the company’s own REACH software, DataCross. In the same way, safety information sheets are recorded in the integrated hazardous materials register, GeMaSy.

REACH Coordinator

If required, tec4U will accompany the REACH process in full (temporarily or even permanently) by taking over the role of an external “REACH Coordinator”.

REACH training

The training makes your employees aware of the applicable regulations and explains what the necessary steps are. We give you an overview of all obligations that may arise from REACH and show you the possible consequences of those obligations.

Services +

Alongside the original services relating to compliance with the REACH regulation, tec4U also offers additional services to support the REACH process and to implement material compliance requirements:

Production of a Manufacturer Standard for Material Compliance

The basis for every material data management system is the creation of integral communication of specifications to the suppliers and the related setting of standards. In this sense, it is necessary to bundle the customer requirements and to compare them with the existing statutory requirements and/or standards and directives. To give this manufacturer standard for material compliance the necessary judicial substance, it is also essential to integrate the manufacturer standard into the existing contractual regulations relating to the supplier and to publish it as a document in the management system.

By customer order, tec4U produces and maintains the manufacturer standard for material compliance, provides relevant training and monitors its implementation in the company.

Chemical Analysis for Proving Compliance with Specific Requirements

Not all manufacturers and suppliers take part in material data communication systems. To allow the company to provide proof of compliance despite this, tec4U offers the possibility of having products chemically analyzed with the help of a partner laboratory.

With the help of a quantitative, chemical analysis, the sample materials are examined for various substances/substance groups.

The laboratory possesses certification in accordance with

  • ISO 17025
  • OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice

To reduce the number of individual analyses as far as possible to a (cost) minimum, we offer the use of mixed samples (composition of basic materials), which only need to be divided into individual examinations in the event of a positive result.

Production and Maintenance of a Hazardous Substances Register

During the implementation of the REACH regulation, it is often necessary to expand the existing approaches toward a hazardous materials register in order to fulfill the statutory requirements. tec4U-Solutions researches the material safety data sheets and transfers them to its own hazardous substances register, GeMaSy.